Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Concept Sketches

Here are some concept sketches from my collection


  1. My only vivid memory of "Rock Odyssey" is a story that I heard at the time:

    When the schedule became backed up and the production was going over-budget, Bob Taylor had a meeting with Margaret Loesch, who was the executive in charge of production at Hanna-Barbera. Bob Taylor became so heated during this meeting that he started yelling and he threw a heavy duty ashtray at Margaret, who had to duck to avoid the projectile. The ashtray struck the wall behind her and shattered a glass frame.

    The meeting ended early.

  2. Pretty cool artwork. However, the hippie guy doesn't look like his design moves very well in three dimensions. I am very interested in what you have to post next.

  3. Great story! i've heard more than a few crazy tales about this film. Hopefully we can get more alumni to come forth!